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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Austin, TX

Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Wed, Aug 07, 2019 @ 13:08 PM

     If you have been considering a fine bathroom makeover or remodeling project in Austin there are a few things you should take into consideration.  Bathroom makeovers in Austin, Texas can take on many looks and facets.  The scope of work you choose to accomplish your bathroom transformation should effectively solve your problems and most importantly, your needs as the home owner.  The identification of these specific needs belongs to you the home owner.  The way your home is structurally altered to accomplish these needs is the job of the professional remodeling contractor.  Accessibility should be a concern no matter what your age.  If your concerns are not for you,  barring any life changing accident, they could concern the accessibility of another generation's independence is using the restroom.  CAPS professionals in the remodeling industry can help with solutions in solving these issues.  Bathroom remodeling contractors Austin, Texas can provide you with answers to your much thought about questions.

Discover the Principles Of Universal Design

Certified Aging In Place Specialist

     Just look at the different types of housing represented throughout Austin and the surrounding areas.  Smaller homes, cottages, sprawling historical town homes surrounded by architecturally pleasing fences, rustic ranch homes, Macmansions, and sleek high rise condominiums are just a few examples of the structures that define Austin's diverse housing landscape. Economic situations along with personal preference formulates where we choose to live in a town with such diversity.       Most people remember how the old style bathtub/shower combination was a standard part of any bathroom design.  Some residential showering areas were enclosed using the multicolored vinyl shower curtain option while others had bipassing or sliding shower doors on tracks.  The doors were framed with either chrome or gold colored aluminum matching the sliding tracks.  Modern bathroom designs have become much more sophisticated because the many available bathroom products are easier to be discovered by the homeowner.  There are millions of pictures representing fine bathroom upgrades or bathroom remodeling all across the internet.

    Certainly there are many upgrades available when planning a bathroom remodel.  A custom tub shower conversion can create a bold  look but will run you around $11,000.  There are no spending limits for bathroom remodels.   You can plan on spending around $12,000 to $15,000 for a hall bath remodel.   The price tag can approach or exceed $35,000 for a complete master suite remodel.  The type of fixtures and building components chosen along with the labor will compose the overall cost of the remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodeling Austin

     Keep in mind that moving plumbing, especially drains, is one of the more expensive aspects of a fine bathroom makeover involving floor demolition.  If you can limit and control the costs involved with this issue you will have more money to spend on the things that show off your endeavors.  Changing water supply line locations for a custom tub shower conversion is not as difficult as moving drains especially when they go into the main drainage system that resides underneath the finished floor.

     Proper lighting is always an important aspect to be installed during a bathroom remodel.  It can be broken down by task.  Recessed cylindrical can lighting is used today to provide the overall luminescence for the room.  Trims with lenses can be installed above baths and showers by code to brighten darker areas.  Light strips or single wall fixtures can be designed around the new framed beveled mirror that you have chosen.  The choice of bulbs utilized is yours for now at least.  Try using dimmers to control your new lighting creating mood. 

     Ventilation is so important when planning a bathroom upgrade because of the humidity involved.  Too many times a single exhaust fan is installed above the toilet, or what is much worse, in the center of the room.   Heat and humidity naturally rise and will overtake the entire room if given a chance. Today's quiet bathroom exhaust fans should be sized according to the room's air volume.  They should be located above any bathing or showering facility and above the toilet.  Conditioned air along with adequately sized duct work supplied by your central unit will further accentuate a pleasant feeling within the bath.

      Bathroom plumbing fixture choices are numerous to say the least.  Select reputable companies offering the best warranties especially when considering finishes used on control valve trims and the fixtures installed in the project.   Larger walk in shower designs should have seamless fiberglass liners to avoid leaks if the house ever shifts.  Using natural stone or glass tiles while additionally designing in glass blocks will certainly be an upgrade.  As for the new walk in shower design, you can design the space to not need a door for splash protection or you can take the route of a clean looking frameless glass shower enclosure.   This will surely set you back at least $900.  The end result will be a sophisticated  clean look of beauty enclosing your new shower.  Whether the door sits upon a curb or you have a specific need for a curbless situation you will be satisfied with your choice.

      Who do you choose to help you with your dream?  It is true that a professional remodeling contractor with years of experience will cost you more than a handyman illegally playing among the trades at your peril but then again there are those professional guarantees to  consider.  The professional verses the handyman is more likely to seek your overall satisfaction that will follow him into his next job.  A true building professional can also orchestrate the job's smooth flow limiting the down time of a most useful room.  Subcontractors will not be covered up and each skilled  trade is brought onto the sight as needed in an orderly fashion.  Professionals normally have insurance to cover on the job accidents to protect the homeowners from having legal action brought against them personally.  Be sure you ask for a certificate of insurance from your chosen professional contractor so that you aren't held personally liable for medical experiences covering a worker's accident while on your property.  Don't forget that only a certified aging in place (CAPS) professional can help you solve your accessibility issues.

     T-Square Company is a design/build remodeling contractor specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodels for over three decades in Austin.  Our CAPS certification helps provide accessibility to our clients with special needs because we have the knowledge and experience to work with.

Certified Aging In Place Specialist


 Austin Bathroom Remodels

bathroom remodel Austin, TX

Bathroom Remodels

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Bathroom Remodel Austin

Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Tue, May 08, 2018 @ 11:05 AM

    Young Austin homeowners are always looking for ways to bring their existing older home's bathrooms up to date.  Bathroom remodels for these smaller baths can incorporate a number of the items listed above in moderation to fit any budget.  Using beautiful ceramic tiles in an interesting design, updating plumbing fixtures, and the use of neutral colors can create a small bathroom with a "wow" factor. It is quite possible to produce a small but charmingly remodled bath on a budget.  A project that is affordable plus the fact that it will add resale value to your home cannot be denied.  Check out all the options before committing to a plan and then stick to it.  Always hire a local and professional builder.  Remember that producing change orders because no one thought of "that" can be expensive. Create the style for your Austin bathroom remodel that best gives you a feeling of pride! 

Bathroom Remodel Austin

     What makes a residential bathroom makeover more Austintaceous in a laid back Central Texas city like ours?  What propels a bathroom upgrade to stand alone in Austin like the proud lone star representing our beloved state?  What enhanced characteristics are shared but also contribute to all completed bathroom projects making them exclusive and individual?  Personality with pride is the only way to sum up all the major characteristics adding up to create a great Austin bathroom remodel.  There is a feeling within the new bath that only the great wide open spaces of Texas suggest denying the discomfort of confinement. We all express our individuality living here in Austin.  We meld together our backgrounds and cultural differences to form a diverse but unique city with style.  Certainly style is what is needed to compliment that pride that Texans feel so strongly. 

Discover the Principles Of Universal Design

    What about the costs involved?  In general, a typical small hallway bathroom remodel in the Austin area can run you about $19,000.  However a larger master bathroom makeover can push up your budget to around $40,000 as an average.  Don't forget that these are average costs and the client is limited only by their bank account.  Just the conversion of a tub into a walk in shower design can set you back around $14,000 as a good medium price range.  But what makes the costs appear so expensive?  Basically time, the difficulty of the job, and the actual labor costs performed by all the trades involved on top of the expenses to purchase the products chosen for the project.

Bathroom Remodeling Austin

     If you are fortunate to have a larger space to deal with there will be increased costs due directly to the larger area to finish -as in more tiles for a bigger area and the labor to install them.  Your costs may go down per square foot but you are certainly dealing with more square footage and the associated increased costs.  You need to consider that plumbers, electricians, tile setters, framers, drywall workers, carpenters, and insulation installers, just to name a few trades, will be involved in your bathroom remodel.  Now how about the demolition that will be involved before the actual construction begins?  Sometimes the preparations behind the walls or floors can take longer than building the new bathroom remodel itself.  Perhaps there isn't enough water volume to supply your chosen bathroom shower fixtures requiring a supply line to be enlarged or there just isn't sufficient fall for a gravity drain to work naturally that necessitates a lift pump system be installed.  What are the new electrical requirements and layout and do these require dedicated, GFI, or arc fault circuits and outlets and will the existing electrical panel handle the additional circuit breakers or is a sub-panel needed?

   In general, bathroom sizes are usually dictated in some respect by the length of the tub which in most cases is five to six feet long.  This is evidenced by a tub that has been installed opposite the entry wall to the bath producing a wall to wall tub situation.  In this configuration the toilet and vanity are generally placed on one of the walls that are perpendicular to the length of the tub. Here is a great starting point to gain space for a larger custom walk in shower to replace the tub you never use.  But if you are fortunate to have both wall lengths exceed the five or six feet norm then space is not an issue and you can proceed with ease.  Just choose your finishes wisely and keep all choices within your budget.

    Any bathroom transformation must stand out even to their owners after the job is complete and all the workers have gone away.  The use of granite, marble, onyx, limestone, or glass tiles during a bathroom upgrade can only be further enhanced when any design utilizing glass blocks is introduced into the mix.  Glass block designs can be inserted into an interior shower wall or on the exterior wall itself creating a waterproof window with both privacy and insulating capabilities.  Glass blocks also make a great toilet partition when you don't want the confinement of a toilet room. 

    If you're current situation is cramped but you already have a double vanity, you might gain space for a new shower expansion by either shortening the vanity while keeping the two sinks or by going with one single sink located in the middle of a shorter vanity.  This can be accomplished by capping off one sink drain completely and/or deleting the water supply stops.  If your toilet is located between the vanity and tub then shortening the vanity is all for naught.  You can move the toilet over but this means breaking out the floor to change the toilet plumbing floor flange plus the water supply.  Be careful as this alteration can be costly and should only be done to allow certain specific situations to evolve.  

Conquer A Tub To Shower Conversion

     Let's move on to either the tub removal to produce a larger walk in shower design or the tub's replacement. A modern free standing soaking tub will require replacing the tub filler with one coming out of the floor or out of an adjacent wall.  An under mount tub will require a pedestal with a deck mounted faucet.   Even replacing the existing tub/shower valve and tub spout will give you a shiny feeling of newness.  A new glass enclosure for a tub/shower combination will provide a revived look plus the more expensive frameless models will bring your bathroom completely up to date.

     If deleting the tub during a tub shower conversion to create a custom walk in shower design is your choice then you have a few options to consider.  Do you wall in two thirds of the width of the old tub placing the new door away from the shower head?   This new wall can be tiled in to match the shower.   Using natural stone or glass tiles will certainly be an upgrade for any Austin bathroom remodel. Do you desire a more expensive frameless door set beside a glass panel?  The enclosed shower can incorporate a couple of shampoo niches for convenience and clutter removal. The designs are limited only by your imagination and how you want the final product to turn out.  Be sure that all your research is justified and don't try to cram too much into your new bathroom remodel.  A good design is one that can come into being with the least time spent on alterations and additional costs. Austin bathroom remodeling should involve multiple shower head combinations in multiple locations within the shower to fit anyone's desires. Rain heads coming out of the ceiling, body sprays coming out of the walls in many locations, or hand held units attached to the shower walls can be very practical.  These combinations of heads and locations can be used to create rain effects, provide relief for muscle aches through body massages, or simply provide pin point convenience with hand held variable heads.  The possibilities are endless as you utilize your bathing environment.  Steam generators are also being considered as an investment in today's fine bathroom designs.  The steam  heads can make the difference after a tough day when you're looking for that more therapeutic spa experience.

    Fine cabinetry is a must for any bathroom makeover.  As for the vanity, an upgraded cabinet top like quartz installed at the correct height for you is a personal must for function. Do you require a single or double sink configuration?  Under mount or drop in sinks? The vanity should have adequately accessible storage satisfying your needs.  Incorporating  easy operating and properly sized drawers and pull out shelves within the design can be very beneficial.  Linen, medicine, and "over the potty" wall cabinets need to be well thought out. The correct species of wood used for the construction of your fine cabinetry and the style of you cabinet doors are two very important factors to consider.  Remember, you do have a choice and you are going to be looking at these new cabinets for a while.

Aging In Place Home Modifications

     Bathroom plumbing fixture choices are numerous to say the least.  Always select reputable companies offering the best warranties especially when considering finishes for the faucets or fixtures installed in the project.   Larger walk in shower designs should have seamless fiberglass liners or state of the art shower bases to avoid leaks if the house ever shifts.  Toilets today come in array of choices. Don't just consider the shape of the new toilet but the height which is also important for universal design. Soft closing or night lit toilet seats are also an option.

     Colors for bathrooms today are natural and earthy creating a calming effect.  Accents of color reflected from the tiles, paint, fixtures, and woodwork are used to make things a little more interesting compared to a room's overall vanilla tones within your design.  Help is just a phone call away but be sure the one who answers has the qualified experience you need for completing your new bathroom transformation.   If you're uncertain about how to proceed with any bathroom remodeling project always rely on a local and trusted building professional.  Sometimes spending a little money for experienced help with design and construction techniques can save you a lot during the construction process.

     T-Square Company in Austin has been an accomplished design/build bathroom remodeling company for over three decades.  Call us today at 512-444-0097 to schedule an appointment.

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Glass Block Walk In Shower Designs

Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Fri, Sep 30, 2011 @ 13:09 PM

     All fine bathroom makeovers must stand out even to their owners after the job is complete and all the workers have gone away.  The use of granite, marble, onyx, limestone, or glass tiles during a bathroom upgrade can only be further enhanced when any design utilizing glass blocks is introduced into the mix.  The owner's eyes will see the intense natural sparkle provided by the glass block ability to diffuse natural light that will brighten any setting and create a feeling of openess.  Glass blocks can be inserted into an interior shower wall's opening providing light from a nearby outside window or on the exterior wall itself creating a waterproof window with both privacy and insulating capabilities.  The blocks also make a great toilet partition when you don't want the confinement of an additional toilet room.  Here they can be stair stepped toward the top to the wall's highest point and their raw ends covered in cuts from your field tiles or by using special glass tiles that are available.  If you are lucky enough to be able to borrow natural light from an outside source like a light shaft or hallway you can create a brilliant room having no windows visible from the outside.

Certified Aging In Place Specialist

      Using glass blocks to define your shower's wet area isolates it from the rest of the bathroom.  The blocks can begin at any height above a lower knee wall that has been dressed with your bathroom's field tiles.  The shower walls can either be straight, angled, or curved and can also gradually reduce in height via a stair step design once the wet area has been contained.  These stair stepped blocks can then be covered as mentioned above.  The raw edges at the top of your wall away from direct view can simply be covered in glass block mortar and molded into any edge profile or a bullnose fashion detail.

      Your glass block walk in shower designs may be limited by the size of the blocks that you choose. Curved or radius walls are tough to do with any block wider than three inches.  The raw stair step ends for tapering as mentioned above can be replaced with a special block having a bullnose finished edge.  Angled walls can be accomplished by using special blocks that form a ninety or forty five degree corner.  As far as patterns go you can mix three, four, or six inch widths with twelve inch blocks or you can use four and eight inch width blocks together.  Just don't forget about the imported colored varieties or the antiques that are available on the market today.

Glass Block Designs

     Good Luck!

glass block walk in shower designs in Austin, Texas





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Glass Block Bath Designs Austin

Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Tue, Dec 28, 2010 @ 11:12 AM

     In the early 1800's, solid glass blocks were used as single units to light both ship's bowels and cellars in Europe.  In the early 1900's, second generation hollow glass blown  blocks resembled hexagonal open ended bottles.  They had condensation problems and were produced individually by artisans making them too expensive for general use.  In the 1930's machine production produced more uniform shapes that were easier to work into mortar.  The new units offered advantages in both thermal and noise isolation. Today's modern glass blocks for use in glass block bath designs Austin are still produced in this same way  taking two molded glass halves with a hollow interior and melting the parts to fuse them together.  A vacuum is formed in the block's interior to prevent condensation.  This evacuated "dead air" space provides for the block's thermal and sound reducing qualities.

Certified Aging In Place Specialist

     Using a fascinating building component composed of glass that is both fragile and sturdy with superior eye appeal allows for endless creativity and advantages.  Sound reduction as mentioned above along with thermal qualities for energy minded construction techniques are evident due to their air tight nature.  Both security and privacy is achieved by their light transmitting capabilities enhancing any bathroom transformation. This factor alone explains why glass blocks were first used in both commercial and industrial applications.

      Fine bathroom upgrades can benefit from glass block shower designs used in wall surrounds, support walls beneath whirlpool tubs, exterior shower windows, and low screening walls for privacy around spas.  Glass blocks can also benefit fine kitchen upgrades in many ways.  They can be used in islands, as supports for peninsula eating bars, or between your wall and base cabinets to provide natural light for the countertop work surface. Other uses of glass blocks are around the entry door as transoms or sidelights, in guard rails at balconies, room partitions, or sharing light from an adjacent window lit room.  Light shafts can give natural light to areas without having an outside window within the elevation.

Glass Block Designs

     The light diffusing capability of glass blocks allows for back lighting projects using minimal amounts of artificial sources.  The glass blocks amplify a small amount of provided light to enhance a given area.  Artificial light sources include rope lights, incandescent bulbs, or fluorescent fixtures.  Furthermore using colored bulbs can provide any desired mood lighting creating chromotherapy results.  The glass block raw edges defining the entrance to an area can either be covered in an accenting tile and glass tile caps are now available.

      Modern glass blocks are available in many patterns, both transparent and opaque, as well as a variety of colors.  The  different sizes available allow for tremendous design opportunities while special shapes provide for curves, forty fives, and ninety degree angles.  Solid glass bricks are now available to be enhanced bu LED lighting.  Designs are limited only by one's imagination.

Bathroom Remodeling Austin

Glass Block Shower Designs Provide Warmth And Beauty

Glass block showers in fine bathroom upgrades in Austin, Texas

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