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Fine Kitchen Cabinets

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     Kitchen remodeling using fine kitchen cabinets has become quite expensive over the years and sometimes people simply run out money at the end of a large project. The unforeseen problems like faulty wiring or plumbing may have absorbed more of the allotted funds than were budgeted and you must make changes in your allowances in order to finish the job.  The quality of desirability of fine kitchen cabinets for that look of a custom job may have to be realized at a later date. Ready made cabinets that you purchase and install yourself can sometimes keep you within a budget and promote the project's completion.

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     The mere composition of any new set of fine cabinets used in your Austin kitchen remodel can either make their installation a frustrating experience or aid in the process.  Harder woods like oak, maple, pecan, or hickory can be tougher to deal with because of their hardness.  Drilling holes, cutting, or fitting to a tight tolerance will prove to be a harder task to accomplish when you aren't working on softer woods like pine, cherry, or poplar.  Fastening can also be a problem while using the harder woods requiring pilot holes to be drilled.   When installing the crown molds at the ceiling or the cove moldings in the inside corners where the cabinets meet the wall always use caution and pre-drill when possible to prevent splitting. 

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     Once you get your new cabinets home open up the boxes and let them stand in the room where they will be installed for some four to six hours.  This will  acclimate the cabinets to your building's temperature and humidity and help prevent the wood from moving once the cabinets are installed.  Don't be surprised if you still have to make some slight adjustments to your new cabinets once they take on their new environment.  Be sure that you go into a stud when screwing on the carcasses through their fastening areas.  This will insure that your new cabinets will stay hung in place and prevent future injuries from a falling wall cabinet.

     Remodeling in Austin, Texas like most other cities includes many of the same aspects.  Be sure to choose a local qualified remodeling contractor whose personality and qualifications are agreeable with you personally.  You are about to undertake a very important short term relationship in your life with someone you may know by reputation only.  The relationship needs to be comfortable and free flowing thus enabling the contractor's creativity level to be at it's highest during your remodeling project. Look at it as a partnership between your needs and the remodeling contractor's abilities.  This is not new construction and the use of the European cabinetry must be accommodated for.  His professional remodeling experience will include his capacity to identify many construction limitations and hazards.   These variables underlie the major pitfalls that can be avoided while enabling a remodeling design to come to reality.  His experience can also aid you in accomplishing remodeling upgrades that include disability issues.  The job needs to flow between the various trades involved to produce a better final outcome.  This too is a reflection on his remodeling experience for which there is no substitute.

Austin Kitchen Remodels

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Bathroom Upgrades

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    Whether you're looking for a local residential construction contractor to accomplish a kitchen remodel or a construction professional to complete an entire gutting and remodel of your entire home including a home office transformation,  the final accenting finishes most likely will include the use of fine cabinetry. The choice between frameless European and Northern face frame cabinetry styles will highlight any design.  


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