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Austin Commercial Office Remodels

Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Thu, Jun 03, 2010 @ 18:06 PM

     I am a building professional who has been participating in Austin commercial office remodels and tenant finishes for over 30 years.  I've watched beginning business owners sign a lease and blow through their seed money purchasing costly ammenities like window walls or commercial cabinetry that could have been staged later after their initial door opening and they've logged their first dollar. 

     The beauty of metal stud walls below a grid ceiling is the ease of altering a given situation or floorplan.  It is easier to add or remove these walls than it is the ones within your home.  Electrical devices can be easily added or a lay in light fixture placed within the grid for additional lighting.  That is why the systems were created since not every office configuration will work for every tenant.   Even the door and window systems clip together so that they can change locations without being destroyed. 

     First find a trustworthy leasing agent with a good portfolio of available space for lease.  If you're just starting your business find a property that you can live with for a while until your cash flow allows for office improvements.  If you're established check and see if there is room for any needed expansion.  Check out things like break rooms in nearby suites for future plumbing needs so that you can share a costly drain for sinks.  Locate the electrical room because shorter wire runs for future circuits can save you money. Where is your space in proximity to the restrooms?  Are the fire exits marked?  Is the building ADA accessible?  Next negotiate a multiyear deal so that your rent remains at a constant level. 

Tenant Finishes

     Once you move in it's time to plan for the immediate future.  Remember that any improvements that you make that are attached to the building must remain in place when you vacate.  Be smart and be sure any alterations you perform will  enhance the way the space fits your needs.  Think it through and who knows, you just might become a permanent tenant at your new address.

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