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While everyone finds they have different physical needs and wants throughout life, there are many ways to make homes more user-friendly and accessible. We must all evolve to collectively conquer present home demands. Different demands are being placed on homes daily. We will hear these current pleas for flexible housing from now on as a sign of the times. People are becoming increasingly aware of the need for accessible housing to better accommodate a desire to Age in Place. They are looking for professional guidance. Aging in Place issues are now the norm in the remodeling industry given the emergence of the aging baby boomer population. Solving Aging in Place issues during elder construction projects is becoming the number one remodeling challenge in the country. Having the ability to enter the home from the outdoors is one of the first steps to enjoying a home.  Once inside, the overall layout of the home can make a significant impact on the convenience and usability of the home. Universal design principles recommend a bedroom, kitchen, entertainment area and a full bathroom on the main floor.  Finding a professional with the expertise to design, build or remodel a home to be handicap accessible might seem overwhelming. One place to start is by looking through the selection of Certified Aging In Place Specialists. This designation program, offered through the National Association of Home Builders, incorporates components of assessment, technical knowledge and management skills related to home modifications that will allow people to stay in their own homes safely and independently for a longer amount of time. There is a vast difference between ADA compatibility and Aging in Place issues. This constitutes why the Aging in Place market is a specialty among the issues within the building environment. The specialty market is not age related but is a function of life experience. It eventually touches all lives.

Along with aging in place, universal design is becoming more of a household term. Essentially, it’s about building or modifying places and spaces—both public and private—to accommodate people of all ages and abilities. More than just an architectural concept, universal design is a win-win for sandwich generation boomers caring for aging parents and their children at home, for grandparents raising grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and for all who are facing the challenges of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other chronic diseases.

Whether your family needs the support now or down the road, universal design features are a good long-term investment for the home itself offering a seamless pathway to Age in Place.

  • We offer complete design/build services for creating new or expanded accessible living space. 

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  • We are Handicap remodeling contractors in Austin moving or eliminating walls for greater accessibility.
  • Adding or replacing windows and widening doors.
  • Bathroom modifications for disabled in Austin.
  • Changing roof lines or pitch angles to accommodate accessible additions.
  • Offering no-step entrances using Universal Design avoiding obvious modifications.
  • Adding additional square footage or other alterations to accomplish all types of home modifications for our aging in place remodels in Austin, Texas.

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