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Commercial Bathroom Accessibility Modifications

Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Wed, Feb 09, 2011 @ 17:02 PM

     All commercial bathroom accessibility modifications in Austin, Texas should always provide for total accessibility. Never take for granted your great fortune of having free and total mobility because your situation could change in an instant.  In effect plan for your unthinkable changing future no one could have fathomed.  This consideration should always take precedent when compiling your list of specifications not only to satisfy the legal ADA parameters but as a means of providing equal comfort for all patrons.

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     There are numerous published federal, state, and local guidelines but your local municipality is the dominant entity to satisfy.  Federal regulations are a good starting point but these have been revised from state to state.  However all enforcement begins with the accessible route and ends at the bathroom in question.

Bathroom Upgrades

     Commercial construction professionals considering any fine bathroom upgrades should begin with the entry door.  Is the width substantial  for a wheelchair to enter and if so  does the closer make the door too hard to open for the impaired?  Once inside is there  adequate floor space for a 5' turning radius?   A typical one toilet  and one ADA compatible sink basic restroom measures 7 feet by 7 feet.  New commercial cabinetry at the vanity should be built to provide the proper top height and have roll under capability protecting against scalds from the plumbing pipes.  Other pertinent questions to consider include; is the urinal in a men's or unisex facility the correct height and is there room for access meeting all ADA guidelines?  Does the partition layout provide for at least one handicap stall with adequate room and entry and does it contain a comfort height toilet?  Do you have the correct grab bar configuration for the stall in question?

     Once these criteria are met you must now consider any dispensers for paper towels, soap, and toilet paper or any other fixed amenities.  Are they located at the proper height and is there a reach factor not taken into account?  Do you have blade handles to control the faucet at the vanity? 

     Compliant ADA accessible bathroom upgrades or remodels are no longer considered to be over the top or a needless expense.  You never know when you yourself might need help with your own bathroom needs following a temporary or permanent life changing situation.

An Accessible ADA Vanity With Roll Under Capability

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