Handicapped Accessible Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling for Wheelchair Use

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Using Universal Design

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Whatever home environment needs your ever changing family requires from a safer bathroom with an accessible shower and a vanity with roll under capability or a more functional and universal kitchen design to accommodate the physical needs of a multi-generational family, aging household, or a disabled child, T-Square Company in Austin, Texas provides design/build home modifications to enhance your home's function, style, and safety. 


Our Aging in Place specialists and Universal Design practitioners make your home desires a reality. 


The many benefits of Universal Design and disability accessible remodeling offered by T-Square Company include:

  • A no-step level entry into the home. Universal Design remodeling of the home for better access passively facilitates ADA compliance without being obvious. Steps and other architectural barriers are eliminated reducing the need for noticeable ramps. Using a gently sloping walk terminating at a zero threshold ADA compliant entrance is the objective. Any ramps which are used blend into the surrounding landscape involving berms and raised beds.

    ADA compatible no step level entry

  • More usable wide open space with improved function. Oftentimes a family member, friend, or relative has difficulty accessing and using a room or certain area in the home because the doors or hallway is too narrow, there is not adequate room to maneuver throughout a common area, steps are difficult to manage, the kitchen features are difficult to operate within, and the bathroom, especially the bathing facilities, are too dangerous to enjoy. Correct home modifications using the principles of Universal Design makes the home more enjoyable for all family members for as long as they live there. The sooner they exist , the longer the homeowner has to enjoy them.

    Universal Design kitchen in Austin

  • Increased safety is realized. Risks of slips and falls especially in the areas where water is used like the bathroom, kitchen, and entrance are greatly reduced using slip resistant floor finishes. Always keep increased accessibility and safety in mind during all renovations undertaken inside or outside of the home.


  • Correct Aging in Place planning provides independent living and reduces caretaker costs. Incorporating accessible Universal Design principles in your home during periodic remodeling over time provides a seamless pathway to Age in Place. Even though the optimum time to think about Aging in Place is during midlife, any time is good because of the savings against inflation. Independence is preserved for an aging parent or a disabled family member along with the needs of small children. With Universal Design, the elements of accessibility and safety aren't realized until they are needed since the elements of the design blend into the home's surroundings. The more open concept allows caretakers to easily perform their duties. Every family member or visitor has the ability to enjoy the home for as long as possible.

    ADA compatible vanity in Austin

  • Improved value accompany increased comfort of the home's surroundings while living there. When owners decide to finally sell the home after exhausting its usefulness for themselves, those owners who previously incorporated smart aging Universal Design concepts into their home find it attracts a larger group of buyers. It appeals to more buyers beyond the baby boomers. Universal Design techniques give everyone at any age a chance to be independent and safe. The very basic techniques provide adaptations or specialized designs for everyone regardless of age, ability, or situation. They are a resale enhancer for people of all abilities who simply need bathroom accessibility to uphold their dignity.No longer are handicap home modifications viewed as a resale market diminishing factor if they universally blend into the home.

    Dodie wells AIP 010-1 

  • As a certified VA contractor, T-Square Company has an acquired knowledge of all VA grant funding programs.  We help our veterans with the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant program, the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations grant (HISA), and the Special Housing Adaptation grant or SHA. We offer help to all eligible veterans in understanding the complicated governmental process and the home modifications involved allowing them to remain in their own home.

    wheelchair bathroom design in Austin

  • We are a trusted BBB accredited business with an A-Plus rating since the program's inception in 1988. We currently have a nationally recognized Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) certificate #1636580 and practice all principles of Universal Design guaranteeing our commitment to home accessibility for present and future needs. We completely understand ADA compliance and listen to your personal physical needs requirements offering custom design/build modifications for your home to satisfy them. Using our specialized knowledge, our goal is to make your life easier within your own home. Simply click on the "Increase Your Accessibility" button below to see how T-Square Company will increase your home's accessibility for present or future needs. Our main goal is to help customers stay healthy, independent, and safe. Simply click on the "Home Accessibility Help" button below and scroll down to find and fill out the form. See how T-Square Company can help you  increase your home's accessibility and comfort for present or future needs like we have done for many other customers over the years.

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