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Kitchen remodel Austin

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  Kitchen Remodels In Austin, Texas

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Kitchen Remodel Austin


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T-Square Company has been successfully designing and remodeling kitchens in the Austin area for over 30 years!

  • We offer expanded additions to your existing kitchen layout or enhance and streamline your existing work space.
  • We solve specific kitchen storage problems providing pull out shelves, specialty drawers, mixer lifts, dough boards, vegetable bins, and plate racks.
  • We offer many door styles including laminated or wooden flat plane faces, shaker, flat or raised panel of varying designs, and lip molded doors.
  • We build custom pantries with fold out and pull out ability.
  • We design and build kitchen islands  to solve your expanding kitchen needs.
  • We offer both traditional and ADA compliant kitchen cabinets.


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 Ten Kitchen Expenses Worth the Investment

1) Having a second sink: Typically existing in an island, it is placed outside of the main cooking and cleanup zone so a second chef can prep food, wash their hands for dinner, or a space for bartending during parties without getting in the way of the kitchen's main functions.

2) Paneled cabinet ends: These decorative panels, which are essentially oversize doors fixed to any exposed sides of cabinets, give your kitchen a custom-built, furniture-like look.

3) Full-extension, soft-close drawer glides: Installed under or on the sides of a drawer, allow it to pull completely out of the cabinet so that you can reach everything inside. Plus, they eliminate slamming with their "dampering" closing mechanism.

4) Pull-out Shelves verses Doors: Doors can become architectural barriers to anyone with limited mobility or who is performing kitchen duties when seated. 

5) Pot Fillers: They are available to fill pots while sitting on the stove. 

6) Pull out mechanisms in blind corner cabinets: Too often items can be lost beyond sight within blind corner cabinets. These devices bring the contents out in plain sight.

7) Installing multiple height cabinet work surfaces: Multiple cabinet heights from 28-36 inches satisfies a wider number of kitchen users from grandma using a wheelchair to young child helpers.

8) Storing kitchen items in the vicinity where they will be used: Having kitchen items, especially the heavier ones, near their point of use increases kitchen efficiency.

9) Installing pull down shelf mechanisms in upper cabinets: This universal idea satisfies shorter people's desire to see the cabinet contents along with cooks in wheelchairs.

10) Providing wider passageways between cabinets: This concept not only helps with congestion for anyone using a mobility device but it also makes appliance deliveries easier.


Accessible Homes Of Austin


Using Face Frame Cabinetry with Raised Panel Doors And Granite Top


Kitchen Upgrade


A Modern Frameless European Kitchen Design


A frameless European Kitchen Design in Austin, Texas


 Traditional Kitchen Cabinets With Square Shaker Doors


Austin Kitchen Remodel


Austin Kitchen Remodel


Austin Handicap Remodeling


Wheelchair Accessible Remodeling


ADA Kitchen Designs


ADA accessible kitchen in Austin


Improve Handicap Accessibility


A Copper Backsplash Accents This Commercial Look


Custom Kitchens in Austin, Texas


Custom Kitchen with Stained Maple Raised Panel Doors

Custom Kitchen Upgrades in Austin, Texas


A Cozy Corner Kitchen With Plate Rack and Elevated Dishwasher


Fine Kitchens in austin, Texas


A Highly Functional Kitchen With Raised Panel Doors And Cabinet Ends 


 Kitchen Remodels In Austin, Texas


Ornate Kitchen Designs


kitchen remodel in Austin, Texas



Total Kitchen Makeovers in Austin, Texas


An Angular Kitchen With Stained Red Oak Double Arched Raised Panel Doors On A Northern Face Frame Carcass


Fine Kitchen Upgrades in Austin, Texas


An Upgraded Kitchen Using Flat Panel Wood Doors and Granite Tops


Fine kitchen upgrades in Austin, Texas


We Offer Custom Kitchen Transformations


 Kitchen Remodeling Austin


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