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Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Thu, May 02, 2019 @ 14:05 PM

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     When you have finally decided to pursue a personal building project for your home and are now ready to hire a residential construction contractor in Austin, Texas you must first verify the company's capabilities and completion record.  First you really need to know just how reputable a business is before jumping on board with anyone. Is there an office or shop listed with a physical address and not just a P O Box.  The safest way to validate any contractor's record and understand their business is by utilizing free listings available from your local Better Business Bureau either through their website or via the telephone.  Any consumer can see if the contractor is not only a current member and for how long but if they  are an accredited member with a rating given out by the BBB based on track records of the contractor.  You can find out how long they've been in business and if there have any derogatory complaints against them.  You can be assured that no money has changed hands for receiving the accreditation grade which is based  on the total profile of the contractor's business.   Don't get caught taking the easy route to a decision blindly trusting posted lists of trusted businesses that are available on the internet .  Many say that no contractor can pay a fee to be listed on their approved sights; however,  a fee was certainly paid by someone to be listed or the web sight could not exist. 

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     After checking out the local business listing on the BBB why not look into the business owner himself.   Linked In can provide you with some background on the business owner like educational experiences,  how long they've been in business, and other general knowledge.  Just how transparent is the business and is it in good standing?  Yelp is another web site where a free listing about a business containing testimonials has been posted by their clients.  You can verify if a business exists and find out more about them plus you can always ask for more references.

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     Now that you know the business actually exists and the owner is both local and somewhat reputable,  you should take note in how they conduct their business.  Is the contractor trying to do the job without a city permit not being registered with the city and county or does he have both general liability and workman's comp insurance?  The old adage that "if there is a permit involved then my taxes surely will go up because of the improvements" gets shot down because city officials make sure the work is done in line with the accepted building code.  The time to obtain the permit and it's fees surely outweighs the costs of the judgments you would have had to bring against the incompetent contractor once his methods failed.  Now how about asking to see a current certificate of insurance for the company?  The contractor must have general liability coverage to cover any accidental physical occurrences while working on your home.  He must also have workman's comp insurance to keep any employees working on your home from suing you as the homeowner if they are hurt on the job.

     I tell my customers all the time that one of their main ways of choosing a residential building professional in Austin, Texas with a good track record and BBB experience rating is the ability for them to do work with the particular residential building contractor they are interviewing.  Can they communicate easily relying on the contractor's experience and reputation and can they get along throughout the sometimes long and detailed construction process?  Are they compatible as human beings because the only energy that should be spent during the project should be directed toward it's completion.

     T-Square Company can help you with kitchen and bath remodels, room additions, or simply making your home more accessible for you or a loved one.  Our design build projects will be customized to your fit your needs and are guaranteed to blend with your homes existing architecture.  Let our over three decades of remodeling experience work for you.

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     After choosing your residential construction contractor you should never pay for everything up front.  Payments should be associated with aspects of the job and you should always get something for your money.  Soft costs like designs, permits, or fees can be paid in advance to get the project rolling plus any custom made entities or materials ordered and stocked on the job sight.  Never let the contractor draw ahead of what is actually happening no matter how much you are caught up in the building process.  Paying for a little overhead to a bonified construction professional will always cost more but usually saves you a lot in the long run.  It's not always about the cheapest bid because you'll always get what you pay for.  Get every aspect of the job in writing and both you and the chosen residential construction contractor must sign the document for it to be a binding contract.


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