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Home Modifications For Seniors and the Disabled in Austin

Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Mon, Apr 03, 2023 @ 10:04 AM

Most recently, architects and designers, with the help of CAPS professionals, have been concentrating on revising home interior design basics. The obvious outcome is slowly we are creating design principles and strategies that accommodate the full range of human capability rather than only the fully-functional part of society. This field of flexible or inclusive design is called Universal Design and its goal is to create easily accessible living and working spaces without exclusion to anyone. Instead of appearing as a hospital extension, the thoughtful new designs are appealing, stylish and comfortable for everyone; not just the elder or severely disabled among us. Therefore, the world of boundaries and barricades is beginning to lessen while we overcome the nationwide problem one home at a time. This is a testament to the senior and disabled population demanding equal access to their homes.

The ADA rules came about in 1990, but unfortunately the ADA rules do not apply to the private residential market. However, these rules can be used as a guide for better accessibility in private homes. Seniors and disabled homeowners must depend on the knowledgeable CAPS certified private sector of builders and remodelers to remedy the housing shortcomings. They will supply the recommended aging in place home modifications. Universally, every home should be accessible to all inhabitants and their visitors regardless of their age, size, or physical abilities. Caring for someone with special needs is a unique and sometimes lifelong challenge. Whether it’s a child born with a disability, someone who has suffered an unfortunate accident or medical event causing them to lose abilities they once had, or an older family member in declining health needing assistance with daily life, the work of a special needs contractor can help make things easier for both the affected individual and their caregivers.


Accessible Bathroom Modifications In Austin

Handicap Bathroom Vanity In Austin

What are the most important home modifications for seniors and the disabled to increase their quality of life? Here is a list of considerations for Aging in Place.

  • Replacing door knobs with lever devices.
  • Widening doorways and hallways.
  • Increasing lighting, especially around stairs and work areas.
  • Installing curb-less showers.
  • Installing grab bars, especially in wet areas.
  • Installing taller comfort-height toilets.
  • Installing ramps to overcome level changes.
  • Installing lever-controlled faucets.
  • Installing hand-held shower devices.
  • Adding a shower bench.
  • Replacing flooring with any non-skid type.
  • Utilizing smart home devices like electric door openers and remote light switches.
  • Undergoing kitchen modifications to increase comfort and safety.
  • Making bathroom modifications to increase safety and usability.
  • Installing a stair lift or vertical platform lift.

T- Square Company located at 14141 Highway 290 West, Suite 800 in Austin, Texas is an industry leading accessible, universal, certified Aging in Place and VA approved Specially Adapted Housing home builder and remodeler. T-Square offers design/build projects for both totally accessible homes from the ground up or complete handicap modifications for existing homes to Age in Place. Be aware, traditional home builders and remodelers do not consider or understand the needs of the disabled or elderly. They deal mainly with the two thirds of our society without disabilities or special needs. They do not have the knowledge or experience required to think out of the box when creating a special needs home. It requires a trained and educated accessible home builder or contractor to visualize special needs modifications for special people.

Certified Aging In Place Specialist

T-Square Company will design and build you an adapted living environment which is completely customized around your abilities. Whether your project concerns home modifications, an accessible addition or wing, or new construction derived from a handicap accessible floor plan they can help you increase your accessibility. David Traut, the president/owner, is CAPS certified (1636580) and has over three decades of building and remodeling experience practicing as a disability contractor for special needs. He wants to help his clients be as self sufficient and independent as possible. Let David show you how to increase the safety and accessibility within your personal living environment.

By the way, David has recently published a book entitled "Age in Place at Home: Adapting the Home Environment for All Generations". It is available on Amazon and stands as a reference book for increasing home accessibility through Universal Design.

Home Accessibility Help

 Contact T-Square Company today at 512-444-0097 so we can show you how to begin a new accessible chapter in your lifetime.


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