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Disability Contractors For Special Needs in Austin

Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Thu, Sep 22, 2022 @ 10:09 AM

Perhaps you have or have taken in a special-needs child as a grandparent. Or an aging parent who endured a life-changing accident or illness has come to live with your family. Or perhaps you have a family member who suffers from a progressive condition like MS or ALS needing home alterations to ease the effects of the disability. In all these situations, the help offered by a CAPS-certified Aging in Place home remodeling contractor comes into play.  This is the only way to ensure safety and mobility for the homeowner or family member requiring the home modifications.  Furthermore, modifications of existing homes are important because people aged 50 and older want to remain in their current homes for as long as possible.  Aging in Place home modifications in Austin should only be done by a nationally listed CAPS-certified remodeling company.  This is the only way you can be assured that the home modifications are the right choices to satisfy your needs.  There is no need to waste money only to discover that an inexperienced and unqualified remodeling company did the wrong alterations.

T-Square Company in SW Austin, Texas, is an accomplished accessibility construction company and disability contractor for any whole house special needs revisions or a handicap accessible bathroom remodel.  Accessible wheelchair designs in Austin are available through T-Square Company. T-Square Company has over three decades of home accessibility experience. David L. Traut, the owner and president of T-Square Company, is an experienced accessibility specialist and has successfully worked with people of all ages with a disability. Each design/build project is customized specifically to the customer's needs. Call 512-444-0097 today to begin the accessible second chapter in your or your family's life while remaining safe and secure in your existing home (CAPS 1636580).  All registered CAPS program graduates and their remodeling companies will be listed in a national registry in Washington.  The information can be found by simply visiting

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Disability is a complex phenomenon representing an interaction between one's physical impairments, the activities one needs to perform, and the architectural barriers within the space in which this situation occurs. Each individual demonstrates the complexity with similar impairments describing his or her limitations differently. The blind don't experience their world the same as a person with deafness. Some of our societal statistics that weigh into Aging in Place situations include reports stating that 19% of the population between the ages of 16 and 64 and 42% of those of us 65 and over have a physical disability affecting the activities of their daily lives. 

Making your home accessible for a special-needs child will give your entire family a feeling of security and freedom. Your child with the disability will become more comfortable and be able to maneuver through and use the home more safely. They will be able to develop the life skills they need in their daily environment rather than just focusing on treatment. Sometimes, the living environment must be changed to impact the child's life significantly.

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Physical limitations affect many more people than the daily users of walkers and wheelchairs.  Many members of our life experienced or elder society has significant problems dealing with their home environment. Exceptional circumstances have brought about special needs in the home for many young and old people. Today's conventional building standards conflict with most people's accessibility when considering our created architectural barriers concerning cabinetry and door opening widths, individual strength, range of motion, movement, manual dexterity, balance, and coordination. Once the demands of our built environment exceed their capacities, we become excluded from a room or even the entire home, bringing forth the need for elder construction and remodeling.  The situation holds true for children with special needs. The building world must work in unison to be sure the entire living environment meets basic needs in addition to affordability and structural integrity for the consumer and homeowner.  This includes the home and the components within the home being accessible to all inhabitants.  Privacy, a sense of belonging, a sense of control, and the sense of safety and security make up the quality of life for any home and should be considered for any design.  

The concept of the accessible home has evolved beyond the basic grab bars and ramps to one in which accessibility is built into the basic design.  Everyone ages differently and has different needs and wants. These factors have brought about the need for Universal Design. This is the design of products, services, and environments usable by as many people as possible regardless of age, ability, or situation without needing adaptation or specialized alterations.  It provides the most significant safety and access for home guests or occupants and is undetectable when done well. The principles of Universal Design enable living in a home with more comfort and adaptability for people of all ages and abilities.  Accessible home remodeling for the disabled can be beautiful and functional and never needs to have any institutional appearance.  As our aging baby boomer population ages, the need for accessibility remodeling in the home is becoming ever more important.  Our new way of viewing the basic home in our society and our antiquated architecture is giving way to a revolution in home design.  Ordinary homeowners with extraordinary challenges can partner up with CAPS design professionals, architects, and their own families to create homes to restore capabilities, independence, and grace to daily living. Fortunately, there is home accessibility help in Austin, Texas, offered by T-Square Company. T-Square Company specializes in home disability access for any age resident with special needs. They offer a complete assortment of disability services to help cushion and adapt to any disability. Wider entries and hallways, accessible bathrooms and showers, accessible kitchens, ramped entrances, vertical platform lifts, stair lifts, elevators, and accessible rooms of any type are just a few of the services we offer. Every design is based on your specific needs and abilities.

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