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Let's face it, accessible homes are needed by all of us at some time in our lives.  It can be a temporary or a permanent need. This is true whether it's for ourselves, a family member, or a guest.  The need is certainly not driven by age but is a result of life's experience.  Any family living with a disability among any of its generations within its group can always benefit from additional accessibility. This will in turn increase safety and independence for all involved as they go through life needing elder living solutions. Acknowledging this vital societal need for challenged homeowners is why T-Square Company has offered Austin home modification services for over 25 years as one of Austins aging in place contractors. We access your living environment for greater accessibility and formulate a custom design/build solution around your specific needs. 

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There are really three categories of aging in place customers.  Those who are simply and wisely planning ahead for their futures to remain in their present homes.  The second category concerns those people who know they have a chronic medical disorder and need to prepare in advance for accessibility issues that will come as a result of their disease.  People with diseases that are constantly causing increased physical or mental changes to their being are a good representative of this second group.  The third group involves those people who either have had a chronic problem that has progressed severely altering their mobility or those who have sustained a life-altering tragedy such as being involved in an accident.  All of these groups will drive the future metamorphosis of existing inaccessible dwellings.

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Disability is a complex phenomenon representing an interaction between one's physical impairments, the activities they need to perform, and the architectural barriers within the space in which this situation occurs.  The terminology and jargon used for disabilities evolve regularly whereas, "handicapped" is no longer acceptable.  It is no longer merely a description of intellectual or physical impairments.  Each individual with similar impairments describes his or her limitations differently.  The blind don't experience their world the same as a person with deafness.  Some of our societal statistics that weigh into aging in place situations include reports stating that 19% of the population between the ages of 16 and 64 and 42% of those of us 65 and over have a physical disability affecting the activities of our daily lives.  For a progressive condition,  aging in place home remodeling in Austin definitely comes into play.  This is the only way to ensure both the safety and mobility for the homeowner or family member requiring the home modifications.  The two main groups driving this aging in place market are those people who are 65 and over and the baby boomers.  The first group is projected to reach 55 million in 2020.  The baby boomer generation born between 1946 and 1965 today makes up 28% of the U.S.  population and is made up of some 77 million people.  Modifications of existing homes using aging-in-place services are important because people age 50 and older want to remain in their current homes for as long as possible.  Aging in place design in Austin should only be done by a CAPS-certified remodeling company providing aging in place services.  This is the only way that you can be assured that the home modifications are the right choices to satisfy your needs.  There is no need to waste money only to find out that the wrong alterations were done by an inexperienced and non-qualified remodeling company.  Always check their credentials to verify that the remodeler holds a CAPS certification. All registered CAPS program graduates and their remodeling companies will be listed in a national registry in Washington.  The information can be found by simply visiting

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We provide a means for our customers to remain in their homes for as long as possible through certified aging in place design.  Gaining accessibility is the key component.  Let us help you design and build a new accessible awareness for your existing home.  Aging in place home modifications in Austin can show you how an accessible route will give you access to any part of your home no matter what your mobility situation is or will become.  For obvious reasons, the bathroom and kitchen are the rooms most affected by a lack of accessibility when aging in place is a concern.

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We are able to handle any remodeling project and focus on collaborative client-centered solutions. We are not afraid to think outside of the box for solutions that meet our client's needs. We are a company with extensive experience in physical and occupational therapy as well as construction, remodeling, and design. Our Austin aging in place services includes individualized assessments, architectural design, interior design, accessible remodeling & construction, wheelchair lifts & ramps, stairlifts, residential/commercial elevators, ceiling transfer lifts, and other simple solutions such as grab bar & railing installations.

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