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Austin Bath Remodel

Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Mon, Jan 29, 2018 @ 12:01 PM

     If you have been considering a fine bathroom makeover or remodeling project in Austin there are a few things you should take into consideration.  Bathroom makeovers in Austin, Texas can take on many looks and facets.  The scope of work you choose to accomplish should effectively solve your problems and most importantly, your needs as the home owner.  The identification of these specific needs belongs to you the home owner.  The way your home is structurally altered to accomplish these needs is the job of the professional remodeling contractor.  Accessibility should be a concern no matter what your age.  If your concerns are not for you,  barring any life changing accident, they could concern the accessibility of another generation's independence is using the restroom.  CAPS professionals in the remodeling industry can help with solutions in solving these issues.  Bathroom remodeling contractors Austin, Texas can provide you with answers to your much thought about questions.  Both kitchen and bath remodeling projects will return the greatest value for your ROI.

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      In general, smaller bathroom sizes are dictated in some respect by the length of the tub which in most cases is five to six feet long.  This is evidenced by a tub that has been installed opposite or adjacent to the entry to the bath producing a wall to wall tub situation.  In this configuration the toilet and vanity are generally placed on one of the walls that are perpendicular to the length of the tub. Here is a great starting point to gain space for a larger custom walk in shower to replace the tub you never use.  If you are fortunate enough to have wall lengths exceeding the five or six feet norm then space is not an issue and you can proceed with ease.  Just choose your finishes wisely and keep all choices within your budget. If you are lucky enough to have a larger bathroom space to deal with there will be increased costs due directly to the larger area to finish -as in more tiles for a bigger area and the labor to install them.  Your costs may go down per square foot but you are certainly dealing with more square footage and the associated increased costs. 

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     Conventionally, the master bathroom has featured a giant master bath tub. This might be a traditional tub or a jetted unit – but it seems that more and more clients are asking for something else. They are saying ‘no’ to the large master bath tub taking up more room that could be used for other activities. Specifically, the current trend is for smaller, freestanding tubs with stand alone larger custom showers that might include body sprays, steam showers, duel heads, etc. or maybe no tub at all. The tub no longer needs to take up so much of the usable square feet as the main focal point in the bathroom. Most likely, large showers will remain popular, while tubs will remain a more personal choice. There will likely be a certain group of people who really enjoy and want a nice long bath, regardless of the trends. Each situation is personal, and a home should be full of personal choices.

Austin Bath Remodel

     The lack of any kind of tub anywhere in the house can make it difficult for resale. Young couples and families with young children are most likely to demand a tub (needed for washing babies). It is advisable to keep a small tub in the master bathroom or have a larger tub in one of the other bathrooms (which might be better for kids anyway). Looking at the situation using universal design techniques suggests considering where a tub might be added later if only a shower is desired at the time of construction and you need your square footage for storage. Install future plumbing as needed and disguise it's location. It costs very little to plan for it but can be very costly to ignore the possibility you may never need it after a bathroom remodel. When you go about rearranging your current bathroom, keep in mind that moving plumbing, especially drains, is one of the more expensive aspects of a fine bathroom makeover involving floor demolition.  If you can limit and control the costs involved with this issue you will have more money to spend on the things that show off your endeavors.  Changing water supply line locations not relying on gravity is easier than moving drains especially when they go into the main drainage system that resides underneath the finished floor.

     Fine cabinetry is a must for any bathroom makeover.  As for the vanity, you can work your way down from the upgraded cabinet top that has been installed at the correct height for you.  The vanity should have adequately accessible storage satisfying your needs.  Incorporating  easy operating and properly sized drawers and pull out shelves within the design can be very beneficial.  Linen, medicine, and "over the potty" wall cabinets need to be well thought out because storage is an issue. The correct species of wood used for the construction of your fine cabinetry and the style of you cabinet doors are two very important factors to consider.  Remember, you do have a choice and you are going to be looking at these new cabinets for a while.

     If you have recently replaced your old cabinets during a bath remodel with some new fine cabinetry or perhaps you are just needing a larger and updated work surface there are a few choices that need to be considered before making your final decision for your cabinet top.  Plastic laminates, solid surface material, granite, quartz, stainless steel, wood, and concrete are the most popular choices today when considering new or replacement counter tops for a bathroom makeover.  Each surface has it's own set of pros and cons to take under advisement before a conclusion is reached making sure your selection blends with your lifestyle.  Remember that any samples of materials that you see are only small representations of any larger piece when choosing products.  Furthermore trivets and cutting boards should always be used no matter which top you choose for protection.

     Proper lighting is always an important aspect to be installed during a bathroom remodel.  It can be broken down by task.  Recessed cylindrical can lighting is used today to provide the overall luminescence for the room.  Trims with lenses can be installed above baths and showers by code to brighten darker areas.  Light strips or single wall fixtures mounted near head height will not only light the face directly but light bouncing off the mirror will additionally enhance the working area. Lighting can be designed around a new framed beveled mirror that you have chosen or the new LED mirrors are great at bouncing light to the face.  Cove lighting is always a great choice because it is indirect and can cascade down on any area like the shower or over the bath tub area. Floating vanities can appear to make the room look larger when they are lit at the toe kick using LED strip lights. The choice of bulbs utilized in some of your fixtures is yours for now.  Try using dimmers to control your new lighting creating mood. 

     Ventilation is so important when planning a bathroom upgrade because of the humidity involved.  Too many times a single exhaust fan is installed above the toilet, or what is much worse, in the center of the room.   Heat and humidity naturally rise and will overtake the entire room if given a chance. Today's quiet bathroom exhaust fans should be sized according to the room's air volume.  Larger units should be located next to any bathing or showering facility and additionally a smaller smaller fan above the toilet.  Conditioned air along with an adequately sized duct supplied from your central unit will further accentuate a pleasant feeling within the new bath with decreased humidity.

     Bathroom plumbing fixture choices are numerous to say the least.  Select reputable companies offering the best warranties especially when considering finishes used on control valve trims and the fixtures installed in the project.   Larger walk in shower designs should have seamless fiberglass liners to avoid leaks if the house ever shifts.  Using natural stone or glass tiles while additionally designing in glass blocks will certainly be an upgrade.  As for the new walk in shower design, you can design the space to not need a door for splash protection or you can take the route of a clean looking frameless glass shower enclosure.   This will surely set you back at least $900.  The end result will be a sophisticated  clean look of beauty enclosing your new shower.  Whether the door sits upon a curb or you have a specific need for a curbless situation you will be satisfied with your choice.

     Who do you choose to help you with your dream?  It is true that a professional remodeling contractor with years of experience will cost you more than a handyman illegally playing amongst the trades at your peril.  There are those professional guarantees to consider.  The professional verses the handyman is more likely to seek your overall satisfaction that will follow him into his next job.  A true building professional can also orchestrate the job's smooth flow limiting the down time of a most useful room.  Subcontractors will not be covered up and each skilled  trade is brought onto the sight as neeeded in an orderly fashion.  Professionals normally have insurance to cover on the job accidents to protect the homeowners from having legal action brought against them personally.  Be sure you ask for a certificate of insurance from your chosen professional contractor so that you aren't held personally liable for medical expences covering a worker's accident while on your property.  Don't forget that only a certified aging in place (CAPS) professional can help you solve your accessibility issues.

David L. Traut, CAPS the owner of T-Square Company in Austin, Texas is one of the select group of professionals nationwide to earn the Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation, identifying him as a home remodeler and builder with the skills and knowledge necessary to remodel or modify a home to meet the unique needs of the older population, disabled owners or their visitors.  Call us at 512-444-0097 to see how we can help you design your bath for the future.

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