Kitchen Remodels In Austin, Texas

Are You Tired Of Your Outdated Kitchen?

Austin Kitchen Remodeling Should Be Totally Functional and Match Your Lifestyle! T-Square Company is one of Austin's original kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies offering complete custom kitchens with homeowner satisfaction a top priority. We have been doing this for over 30 years.

Simply by filling out your contact information below we can show you how a local design/build kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors can save you time and money with your kitchen remodeling project.

  • We offer custom fine cabinetry in frameless Euro designs or Northern face frame styles.
  • We do small to mid-range kitchen remodels.
  • We show you how to update the traffic flow pattern and storage facilities within your busy kitchen.
  • An expanding addition to your existing kitchen layout or streamlining your existing layout improves your usable situation.
  • We provide custom accessibility remodels and ADA compliant kitchen cabinets to increase accessibility.

Kitchen Remodeling

Austin Bathroom Remodels

We Provide Fine Bathroom Makeovers In Austin

How about a modern bathroom in which to relax?

Fill out our form to get started creating the bathroom of your dreams.

For Instance:

  • Custom walk in shower designs with builtin shampoo niches, folding seats,  and multiple shower heads.
  • We show you how to increase storage in all possible areas with pull out shelving using our custom cabinetry.
  • We offer custom tile work with creative designs limited only by imagination.
  • Find out how a therapeutic or soaking tub can add relaxation to your bathing experience.
  • We offer ADA vanities in our bathroom accessible designs to increase accessibility to everyone.
  • Find out how a creative layered lighting approach can enhance your bathroom situation.

Bathroom Remodels

Aging In Place Construction Through Universal Design!

Why Not Make Your Remodeling Project Accessible To Everyone?

Fill out the form and let us show you how a Universal Design approach  creates a forever home that accommodates both granny or young children.

 Whether your family needs the support now or down the road, universal design features are a good long-term investment for the home itself.

  • Universal Design implies homes or rooms that can accommodate the needs of a wide range of ages, body shapes, and abilities.
  • Since the diversity of the general population is immense why not provide home designs that are inviting and convenient for the broadest spectrum?
  • We can show you how to age in place easily while your home grows with you.
  • At resale, appeal to a greater number of consumers with enhanced  accessibility.

Aging In Place Home Modifications