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Kitchen Remodel Austin

Posted byDavid L. Traut, CAPS on Fri, Jun 28, 2013 @ 13:06 PM

     Have you finally reached the point where your existing kitchen just doesn't blend with your current lifestyle or it simply doesn't have the efficiency that you require?   Are you ready for a kitchen remodel Austin?  Your appliances have become personified with all their special noises and their lack of efficiency.  Don't forget that their electrical power consumption is definitely inferior to the norm of today and that your old appliances are wasting energy.  Perhaps your gas stove's burners aren't as efficient as they once were adding an addition of carbon monoxide to the air you breathe within your home's confinement.  Maybe your stove's hood vent, which hasn't worked in quite some time, needs to be upgraded with a more efficient and certainly a more quiet unit.  How about the cabinet drawers that that have come apart or no longer freely run on their guides.  And don't forget about the missing cabinet bottom under the sink because of an accidental plumbing leak that occurred months ago or the old original cabinet doors that no longer shut or perhaps have hinge problems.  Many problems or a combination of certain defects can cause you to reach that threshold and begin to get serious about a kitchen upgrade.

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     Kitchen remodeling in Austin Texas is no different than anywhere else.  For an average size kitchen of between 200-300 square feet you can budget a minimum of $25,000 for your kitchen upgrade.  There are no DIY kitchen remodeling projects.  Once the demolition is accomplished the inexperienced homeowner should consider his part in the remodel to be complete.  It's time to get the building professionals involved to make sure that the resulting kitchen upgrade functions correctly.  The correct electrical wiring with the new outlets and appliance rough ins should be installed within the kitchen's frame work.  Dedicated circuits per the national electrical code should be wired by a qualified electrician.  This will insure that two appliances can be running simultaneously without tripping any circuit breakers.  The electrician will also install the needed GFI  circuits that keep you safe around any wet areas.  It's also a great time to install all the upgraded lighting fixtures with the new switching they require.  Skimping on the electrical budget can cause many problems including an electrical fire.

     Plumbing upgrades need to be addressed and the use of a master plumber will make sure that everything functions correctly.  Moving a sink over a small amount can add an additional $2,500 to your project's hard costs as it affects both the plumbing and the floor.  The plumber can be sure that you have adequate water volume for any additional fixtures that will be involved.  The plumber will be involved through the setting of the sink, fixtures, and all appliances requiring water to operate.  When choosing a kitchen sink, whether it is a drop in model or an undermount,  you can never go wrong with a good grade of stainless steel.  These sinks never go out of style and you can outfit them with any color and kind of faucet that you see fit.

     Any kitchen remodel will need to produce a better service or work triangle between the sink, refrigerator, and stove placement.  The shorter the sum of the triangle legs the more efficient the layout.  Islands can also be incorporated into the design to increase your efficiency.  The prep sink within the island can become it's own focal point of the work triangle redocing the duties of the main kitchen sink.  The orientation of the island toward the work triangle is very important making sure traffic can still flow freely within the designated triangle. Islands can contain all sorts of special storage areas.  Mixer lifts, produce storage drawers, wine storage, and dough board pullouts are just a few of the many useful aspects that can be incorporated into the island.

     Placing the dishwasher beside the sink and raising it up slightly obove the floor makes reaching in to load or empty the machine a more comfortable activity.  Placing the spice drawers or shelves next to the cook stove also makes good sense.  Storage of pots and pans must also be placed within the vicinity of the stove.  Cooking and eating utensils must have their place between the stove and sink according to use.  Task lighting is a concern making sure there is plenty of light to function properly as well as placing adequate light used over the main kitchen sink.  Roll out trash bins or pull out shelves are a consideration during the layout process.  Let's not forget ADA remodeling concepts for comfort if you are preparing for the future.

     Whether you have replaced your old cabinets with a set of new fine cabinetry or just need an updated work surface atop your existing setup there are a few choices that need to be considered before making your final decision.  Plastic laminates, solid surface material, granite, quartz, and concrete are the most popular choices today when considering new or replacement countertops for a fine kitchen upgrade.  Each surface has it's own set of pros and cons to take under advisement before a conclusion is reached when remodeling an Austin kitchen.  The final choice must blend with your household's lifestyle.  Remember that any samples of materials that you see are only small representations of any larger piece when choosing products.  Furthermore hotpads and cutting boards should always be used no matter which top you choose.

      Whatever your situation please rely on the experiences of a local building professional.  Check out their credentials and references over merely price checks against other bidders.  Don't make the mistake of letting a cabinet making subcontractor or tile installer play the part of a general contractor because his knowledge will be limited to that of the cabinets or tile and not much else.  You get what you pay for with proper planning and using an experienced and qualified contractor.

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Kitchen Remodeling In Austin, Texas

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