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     T-Square Company is committed to helping those who have limited mobility or physical disabilities to continue living in their home. We have up-close-and-personal experience with creating and designing home modifications to accommodate those who have differing abilities and challenges, as well as those with medical and health-related concerns. If you need home improvement services for ADA compliance, to age in your home or to accommodate a family member in a wheelchair, contact T-Square Company to receive qualified help. T-Square Company is Universal Design (UD) certified and uses ADA accessibility guidelines for our design/build projects. We Offer Complete Aging In Place Services and design.

    There are three categories of aging in place customers.  Those who are simply and wisely planning ahead for their futures to remain in their present homes.  The second category concerns those people who know they have a chronic medical disorder and need to prepare in advance for accessibility issues which will come as a result of their disease.  People with diseases that are constantly causing increased physical or mental changes to their being are a good representative of this second group.  The third group involves those people who either have had a chronic problem that has  progressed severely altering their mobility or those who have sustained a life altering tragedy such as being involved in an accident.  All of these groups will drive the future metamorphosis of existing inaccessible dwellings. The goal of an accessible bathroom design in Austin is to make the bathroom a safe space for everyone who uses the facilities. Aging in place services use design techniques to accommodate wheelchair use and can make the bathroom more comfortable for all generations with or without specific needs. It is important to carefully outline the scope of work during the remodeling of an accessible bathroom by first taking inventory of the users capabilities, needs, and preferences.  We can show you how to adapt your home to fit your ever changing needs.  We specialize in Elder construction with increased accessibility.  All disability home remodeling or disability bath remodels in Austin must be done considering all the data provided by the client, his or her family, and any caretakers involved. Aging in place design must be carried out by an accomplished aging in place specialist holding a national CAPS certification. (#1636580)

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     Along with aging in place, universal design is becoming more of a household term. Essentially, it’s about building or modifying places and spaces—both public and private—to accommodate people of all ages and abilities. More than just an architectural concept, universal design is a win-win for sandwich generation boomers caring for aging parents and their children at home, for grandparents raising grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and for all who are facing the challenges of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other chronic diseases.

     Whether your family needs the support now or down the road, universal design features are a good long-term investment for the home itself. Few homes are built for those with disabilities. Because of this, we’re often called upon to help make a home more accessible for someone with mobility issues. T-Square Company can assist with the following home modifications:

  • Master bedroom and laundry room on main level
  • Enhancing kitchen and bath functionality and accessibility
  • Accessible kitchen design with roll-under sinks and accessible cabinetry
  • Widening doorways to accommodate wheelchairs and halls with ample lighting
  • Adjustable-height counters, pull-down cabinets and pull-out shelving
  • Bathroom remodeling including walk-in shower with seating, grab bars and handheld showerhead
  • Lowering light switches and raising outlets
  • Non-slip flooring installation
  • Wheelchair ramp installation
  • Zero-clearance entries



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  • Accessible and Safe Toilet Areas

  • Wheelchair accessible toilets in Austin

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