We Specialize In Handicap Home Modifications In Austin, Texas. Call 512-444-0097 Now!  We Are A Registered Contractor With The VA Helping Our Veterans.

Providing Accessible Homes of Austin

ADA Remodeling For Increased Accessibility In Austin, Texas

T-Square Company Provides Wheelchair 

Accessible Baths and Kitchens in Austin, Texas and we are CAPS Certified

Aging In Place Specialist in Austin, Texas

ADA Kitchen Cabinetry

Aging In Place Home Modifications

  • Solving ALL ADA Compliance Issues concerning the REMOVAL of any Architectural Barriers to increase safety and independence.

  • Aging In Place Home Modifications
  • Handicap Accessible Kitchen and Bathroom Home Designs
  • Grab Bars Installed Around Toilets, Tubs, and Showers
  • Complete Wheelchair Accessibility Remodels in Austin, Texas
  • Door Widening For Wheelchair or Walker Clearance
  • Lever Type Door Locking Hardware and ADA Rated Automated Door Closers
  • Straight or Switchback Access Ramps With Detectable Warnings
  • Inclined Walkways with Grab Rails
  • All types of personal Lifts and Elevators
  • Home automation using automatic door openers and WiFi controlled light switches.
  • Handicap Home Modifications For Wheelchair Accessible Routes Throughout Any Building
  • Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms in Austin
  • ADA Vanities with Cabinet Heights for Roll Under Capability
  • Accessible Roll in and Transfer Shower Designs
  • Handicapped Height Toilets with Automatic Flush Valves
  • Blade and Wrist Controlled Faucet Handles
  • ADA Compatible Showers          WE OFFER Roll In and Transfer Showers For Our Special Needs Customers

  • Accessible Homes Of Austin
  • ADA Compliant Kitchen Cabinets WITH ROLLUNDER SINKS Designed According To Your Needs And Mobility Limitations

  • ADA Modifications in Austin, Texas

Standard Bathtubs Retrofitted with ADA Hand Held Shower Units and Grab Bars!


Custom ADA Roll In Shower Designs

ADA Roll In Shower designs in Austin, Texas

  Handicap Home Modifications






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All Handicap Assisting Bathroom Modifications

ADA compliant bathroom vanities in Austin, Texas


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ADA Kitchen Cabinetry


Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Designs

wheelchair accessible kitchen designs in Austin, Texas


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Disability Home Modifications

Disability Home Modifications In Austin


Wheelchair Accessible Remodeling

 Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms Do Not Have To Look Institutional

wheelchair accessible bathrooms in Austin, Texas


   Our Commercial ADA cabinetry is constructed of hardwood or covered in plastic laminate

Ada vanities in Austin, Texas


 Automatic Flush Valves and Grab Bars

ADA Grab Bars in Austin, Texas


 ADA Kitchen Cabinets for Increased Accessibility

ADA compliant kitchen cabinets in Austin, Texas


Handicap Home Modifications

                        ADA Kitchens In Austin, Texas


Accessible Roll In Showers




A Safer ADA Shower




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A new accessible toilet