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ADA Kitchens

The kitchen is often the most important, and the most used, room in the home. It's where the family gathers daily, sometimes several times, or it's the family hub, and for the cook, it is often where many hours are spent caring for the family.

Now what if this room all of a sudden is no longer accessible due to a disability? Does this mean that the situation is beyond repair? Is it possible to have a beautiful kitchen that is also accessible for the wheelchair user?

T-Square Company, as well as several of our clients, will emphatically tell you that this is no longer a problem at all! In fact, at first glance, many people don't even realize that some of our kitchens were designed for someone coping with a disability!

T-Square Company is fully aware of the requirements in designing an ADA kitchen holding a nationally recognized CAPS Certification. We offer knowledgeable ideas for barrier-free kitchen design, wheelchair mobility, work space comfort, and accessibility to cabinets and storage space. We have been modifying kitchens to increase accessibility for over 30 years. 

An accessible kitchen must meet certain criteria. First of all, the toe kicks must be at inches high rather than the traditional 4 inches high so that a wheelchair's footrest or your feet will not encroach on your access to the cabinets.

Your countertops should be no higher than 34" so that everything you need is right within your grasp. Offering different heights of countertops in the kitchen satisfies the greatest number of users whether they are seated, adolescents, or standing. Universal Design countertops are installed with the same beautiful materials as any traditional kitchen, from a laminate surface to a beautiful solid surface, such as quartz designed for stylish and long lasting durability.

A cooktop and sink are installed in such a way that you can roll right up to them - with protected knees slightly under the counter space where the cooktop and sink are mounted. You can safely reach the faucet and those pots and pans, especially now that the controls for your cooktop are located on the front ensuring you do not have to reach across hot burners! The water pipes, if exposed, are wrapped to prevent scalding.

Wall ovens are mounted at a reachable height of 48" or below and often installed into a very functional and storage friendly wall cabinet.

Base cabinets come fully equipped with pull-out shelves so that everything is fully accessible to the wheelchair user.

Our kitchen designs are completely adaptable. They provide accessibility to all family members and are the ideal choice for renovations.


Accessible Kitchen Remodeling in Austin


  • Find out how we can customize your upgraded ADA compliant kitchen cabinets to fit your special needs or aging in place issues!

  • We can demonstrate how a designated accessible route within your home makes your new ADA kitchen cabinets completely accessible!

  • Discover how reach, clearance, and accessibility can change the comfort level and usefulness of your kitchen upgrade.

  • We offer all types of personal lifts and home automation including automatic door openers and WiFi controlled light switches for any type of accessibility issue.

  • We have a complete design/build service for home modifications and are CAPS certified.

  • We are a registered VA remodeling contractor to assist our proud veterans.


Improve Handicap Accessibility


  • Give us a chance to show you how to become architecturally barrier free and restore your safety and independence with one of our wheelchair accessible kitchens in Austin, Texas!

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