Residential Building Contractor In Austin, Texas

Don't Forget To Look Up and Appreciate the Intricate Ceiling Above!

People in general look at the four walls and the floor of any room.  Ceilings are usually forgotten.  Here at T-Square Company we want you to be surprised and appreciative of the ceiling that can set off any room as in our past.  Master bedrooms, foyers, entries, and offices can gain a lot of interest and beauty by giving the ceiling a special treatment.

For instance:

  • Coffered and beamed hardwood ceilings!
  • Stained beaded ceilings!
  • Faux tin ceilings!
  • Custom plaster and drywall applications!

Fill out the form and let T-Square's over 30 years of experience design and build you a special ceiling that will make you proud.  We are a residential remodeling contractor in Austin, Texas.

Custom Ceilings

Custom Ceiling Designs

Beamed, faux painted, and unique ceilings
  • Wooden ceiling designs
    Wooden ceiling designs
  • Faux Tin Ceiling
  • Faux Tin Ceiling With Oaks Hips
  • A painted raised panel ceiling
  • Enhanced wooden beams
    Enhanced wooden beams
  • Metal ceiling designs
    Metal ceiling designs
  • Oak Beamed Ceiling