T-Square Company in Austin, Texas is a handicap bathroom contractor. 

we offer complete handicap accessible home renovations including bathrooms with disability access.

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  • We are CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialists) #1636580
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  • We are accessibility specialists registered with the VA.

Vanity Sink Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessible Vanity

Stylish ADA vanities set at a universal height of 34 inches with clear knee spaces.  Plan on 27 inches of vertical clearance for a wheelchair underneath. The sink faucets must be easily controlled by either wrist handles or levers. The faucets can be fitted on the side of the sink to make them easier to reach. Or install infra-red faucets that detect motion. Hang the mirror low enough for a seated person to see themselves, and tip the top of the mirror out. Bathroom vanities with universal height cabinet tops and open knee spaces are taking over the marketplace.  These new residential vanities do not need to look institutional.  They can be designed like any other piece of fine furniture. Scalding must be guarded against by using either insulating pipe wrap or a removable panel for the plumbing.


  • Easily controlled ADA compatible faucets
  • Removable front panels to prevent scalds
  • Pull out shelves and drawers where room permits

Toilet Accessibility

Better Approaches To The Toilet

Toilets are available in comfort heights eliminating the deep knee bend needed for seating.  Grab bars should be installed on at least both sides of the toilet. Ideally, the toilet should be positioned between two support bars 36 inches apart. An ideal toilet seat height of 17-19  inches off the floor is a more comfortable height for everyone.

  • Toilets Installed In Open Areas and not Closets
  • Proper Grab Bars For Safety
  • Accompanying Toilet Lifts If Needed

Bathing Facilities

Handicap Accessible Bathroom Remodels Contribute to The Entire Family

Curb-less roll in or wheelchair accessible shower that is 5 feet wide and 3 feet deep having a 36" clear entrance are advised for everyone although 5 feet by 5 feet is optimal.  The shower should contain at least a shower wand on a sliding bar for varying heights of use along with a regular shower head and control if desired.  Installing fixtures with a scald guard or lowering the temperature at the water heater is a must to prevent burns. Folding seats in the shower are useful if caretakers are ever involved.  Grab bars around the bath and especially in the shower should be used while non slip floor covering should always be considered. Walk in tubs are also a consideration but some people get chilled while the tub is draining. Install the slider bar for the hand held shower hose and head 4 feet off the floor so that the head can slide up to 6 feet high. Always use a shower valve that is thermostatically controlled and pressure-balanced to prevent scalds. If you desire a full body wash, you can include a regular shower head as well.

  • Surrounding Grab Bars
  • Fold Down Seats
  • Shampoo Niches to Reduce Clutter

Improve Handicap Accessibility