What is ADA remodeling?

What is disability home remodeling?

Many people confuse these two distinct terms.

By filling out the form you will understand the differences in the two terms.


  • ADA remodeling deals with a severe disability and specialized design.
  • Disability home remodeling is more general concerning all family members.

Both terms deal with increased accessibility. T-Square Company has been actively contributing to accessibility home remodels in Austin, Texas for over 30 years. We are CAPS certified.

Remodeling For People With Disabilities

INCREASE YOUR ACCESSIBILITY because there are many benefits of remodeling for disabilities. Everyone gets to enjoy them.

Create accessible approaches, landscapes, and doorways

Your first consideration for increased accessibility should be how people will navigate into, out of, and through your home.  Let T-Square Company show you what is meant by an accessible route within and around your home.

  • Wider entrances of not less than 32" clear.
  • More open rooms for increased maneuverability.
  • Disability friendly non-slip flooring and why you should install it.
  • Barrier free living environments.
  • Universal Designs to assist all users.

Accessible Bathrooms

The bathroom is the most important room to remodel for seniors and people with disabilities so what is a handicap accessible bathroom?

An accessible bathroom not only provides as much safety and independence as possible to the occupants but is extremely important for safety reasons

As accessibility experts certified by the national CAPS certification we can show you how to remain healthy, safe, and independent for as long as possible within your own home.

  • Customized vanities with roll under capability that do not look institutional.
  • Handicap accessible bathroom showers.
  • Safe and barrier free toilet areas.
  • Reachable storage solutions.

Accessible Kitchens

The kitchen is the most visited area within your home and every part of it should be accessible to everyone without regards to their size, body makeup, age, or disabilities.

Incorporate the principles of universal design into any home modifications Especially in the kitchen

The diversity of the general population is immense and  universal design provides home designs that are inviting and convenient for the broadest spectrum of people.

  • Install sinks with lever controls and stoves that are wheelchair friendly.
  • Install upper cabinets at an accessible level.
  • Install base cabinets with roll under access in work areas or below sinks and cooktops, 
  • Incorporate pull out shelves or drawers eliminating the architectural barrier doors.
  • Install storage that is friendly to a seated person and within the areas of use.

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