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No matter how old you are you should periodically evaluate your residence to determine whether it suits you not just for the present but the future. Your home assessments will be rethought every time your living situation changes. Whether childproofing for a newborn, making a home more accessible following a sickness or unfortunate accident to someone in the family, or making a toilet area safer for an aging residing parent, there will be an immediate evolution to your primary domicile. These same life span design features are even more important if you believe you're past the age of wanting to move and are relishing the thought of aging in your own home, no matter what physical limitations you might later develop.  Incorporating smart aging design concepts into a home will attract a larger group of buyers when you decide to finally sell your home.

The three main rooms involved in aging in place home modifications are the bathroom, the kitchen, and the family room in that order.  These areas make up the most occupied spaces of any home and will be connected by a designated accessible route.  Here we will need access through wider doorways, non slip floor surfaces, and adequate cabinet and plumbing fixture accessibility.  What is more important is that we must observe safety for everyone as the baby boomers choose to age in place within their homes.  Just remember one thing and dispel any myth that aging in place construction and remodeling must appear institutional or out of the ordinary.   When the work is done with style and taste the job will only compliment the home. Call us at 512-444-0097 today to see how we can help you design your home for the future utilizing universal design techniques.

When making a checklist for handicap home modifications, consider the principle of universal design. This philosophy centers around the creation of environments accessible and usable to all people, to the greatest possible extent, regardless of abilities or age. While different disabilities call for different modifications and you'll ultimately need to have an in-depth discussion of individualized modifications with your CAPS certified contractor and the occupational or physical therapist, a general breakdown of common modifications helps ensure a thorough execution of universal design principles.

Aging in place home remodeling in Austin will be completely driven by the homeowner's desire to remain in their home for as long as it is physically possible.  When disability strikes,  that same home you have endeared for at least part of your lifetime can become a prison that presents barriers, frustrations, and perils at every turn.  The lack of any preparation or access upgrades possibly is driven by our youth oriented culture that wants to believe we are all young, bullet proof, and fit and will continue to be so.  Perhaps we believe as a society that accessible upgrades will decrease our home's property values.  The contrary is the reality.  Just try looking for a barrier free accessible home.  Actually,  don't even bother.  There are none.  Oh yes,  there are retirement communities for the older "active" seniors but the key word here is active having nothing to do with accessibility and a lot to do with the money required to live there.

Why not have the accessibility and independence you deserve?  By filling out our form you can find out how our experience can help you within your own home to age in place.

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David L. Traut, CAPS the owner of T-Square Company in Austin, Texas is one of the select group of professionals nationwide to earn the Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation. This designation identifies him as a home remodeler and builder with the skills and knowledge necessary to remodel or modify a home to meet the unique needs of the older population, disabled owners or their visitors. T-Square Company specializes in handicap accessibility Austin.

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